Symbiosis , 2016, 18"x 18", charcoal on Mylar

Symbiosis, 2016, 18"x 18", charcoal on Mylar

Artist Statement:

My work examines current and longstanding attitudes toward nature as the world—-human and non-human-—continues to adjust to life in “the Anthropocene”. It is the inclusion of the non-human in this exercise which I consider most crucial.  Informed by philosophies of Deep Ecology and Ecofeminism, my work intends to recognize the dynamism and interconnectivity of the living world, and challenge the cold, human-centered concept of “the environment” as a kind of negative space that humans have yet to inhabit or make use of.      

   My process relies on being present to the natural world and its ever-increasing fluctuations and transformations.  Bones, plants, seeds and other fractals of my particular location serve as the subject and inspiration for my work. For some of these works I make drawings directly from the objects.  These come to serve as meditations, homages, and sometimes eulogies to the natural fragments I come across in my daily routine.  For others, the imagery is more imaginative and abstract, exploring the evolutionary and regenerative potential of this vast living gestalt, Earth.